I am a dog lover and owner with over 10 years of experience working with dogs. I grew up with dogs and have owned various breeds throughout my life. My experiences with dogs are some of my best and favorite memories.

To me, a house is not a home unless there is a dog in it. And I believe that we owe our dogs the very best for the happiness that they bring into our lives.



When you book a stay for your pooch at House Of Dog, it is more than a just a stay, its an experience.

House Of Dog offers daycare and boarding in a home environment for pooches 40 lbs and under. A home environment allows us to give your pooch around the clock care and attention.


Many boarding facilities kennel your furry family member during their stay, but at House Of Dog they are never kenneled. They are given the freedom to play the day away in a safe, caring, pooch-friendly environment, or to lounge around where they are most comfortable. This allows them to feel “at home” and to feel that they are a part of the family.


Part of the experience at House Of Dog includes structured play sessions, which encourages the healthy socialization that all pooches require to stay balanced. We also include basic etiquette training geared to your pooch’s needs. All pups partake in several daily walks and various activities to keep them stimulated and contented during your absence.


Every pooch that stays with us, is always enthusiastic about returning to stay.

The House Of Dog experience is definitely one that you won’t want your pooch to miss out on.

Welcome to House Of Dog
We love dogs & dogs love us!



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